Hello to all fans of Celtic culture, Irish/Scottish music, living history, and above all those familiar with the term "volunteering"!

We are organizing a non-profit event with the goal of presenting to the public the Celtic roots and traditions (connected to the region) and support the phenomenon of volunteering

Svátek keltů Lughnasad
28. 7.  - 1. 8. 2020 - Země keltů NASAVRKY

Join us!

We offer you the opportunity to become a member of our team and help organize this event. Last year we had a team of 54 volunteers.

What we can offer:

  • New experience
  • New friendships
  • An opportunity to see the festival from the other side
  • An opportunity to experience unconventional holidays

Beside all this, all volunteers receive accommodation, food, and of course free entry to the festival.

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Profile of the applicant

What we expect from people interested in becoming Lughnasad organizers:

  • Diligence
  • Responsibility
  • And above all, enthusiasm
  • Presence at the festival 27th – 29th July 2017

We do not require any technical expertise, nor deep knowledge of history. There is always room for an enthusiastic person.

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Contact us today

Are you interested in our offer? Do you have more questions? Do you want to sign up? Don't hesitate and contact us:

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